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August 21, 2012

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Which is the best Ax7 album?

Here is my ranking for all the Avenged Sevenfold albums. Let us know what you think and how you would rank them differently.

The first thing I suggest you do (if you haven’t already) is download and listen to all of these amazing albums. You can do that by visiting the Avenged Sevenfold bio on this site or just download them here:

Now, since you are adequately prepared, lets dive in and dissect these works of art.

Waking the Fallen

Album #2 – 2003

Score: 10

Waking the Fallen is an epic masterpiece. Every song is like another movement in a Beethoven overture. There is no song on this album that doesn’t blow my mind when I hear it. Angry yet melodic and always profound. Waking the Fallen strikes as an album so far superior to anything any other young rock group has yet produced. It changed my life in ways that no other album ever has.

Best Song: Are you kidding?!?!? This whole album is a masterpiece. No favorite.

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

Album #1 – 2001

Score: 9

So incredibly different then the albums Ax7 has produced in recent years, yet still magnificent. Filled with incredible songs that must have been blowing fans away at concerts and generating epic mosh-pits long before they were nationally famous. With such beautiful songs as “Warmness on the Soul” and in-your-face breakdowns as “Darkness Surrounding”, STST is not an album to miss. Tremendously under appreciated and rarely featured in their live act, this breakthrough album changed the hard core scene forever. Just listen to the intro to “Lips of Deceit” and you will see what I mean.

Best Song: Darkness Surrounding

City of Evil

Album #3 – 2005

Score: 8

City of Evil brought Avenged Sevenfold to mainstream radio and rocketed them to national fame. With so many incredible hits the material could easily have been turned into several amazing albums. Instead it is just one mind-blowing hit after another. Starting with “Beast and the Harlot” and featuring other classics like “Seize the Day” and one of my favorites (and the first Ax7 song I ever heard) “Bat Country”, City of Evil will disappoint no one (except perhaps screaming fans, as this is the album that marks the band’s departure from screaming).

Best Song: Bat Country

Avenged Sevenfold

Album #4 – 2007

Score: 8

The self-titled album stands out as a courageous and confident step forward for the band. Shorter, more chorus-focused and catchy songs became the priority and Ax7 truly proved their talent and musical prowess by strongly meeting this challenge. A notable difference on this album is that is an album of songs. When I think of their earlier albums, I think of them as albums. But the self-titled album strikes me as a brilliant collection of completely unique songs. Every tune is powerful and a step in a totally different direction. By then end of the album you find yourself almost wondering if there is anything this band CANNOT do. “Afterlife”, “Gunslinger” and “Almost Easy” all became extremely popular and breaks from the norm such as “Dear God” and “A Little Piece of Heaven” brought a new batch of fans into the fold.

Best Song: Gunslinger


Album #6 – 2010

Score: 7

Not quite as many radio hits as the previous two albums but still a work of art. “Nightmare” is an awesome rock hit (although the censored, radio version blows) and the band continues to demonstrate with each song why they are dominating the music scene and were truly born to do this. This album is also the first without The Rev and his untimely demise left a lasting impact on the band and heavily influenced the music on Nightmare.

Best Song: Nightmare

Live at the LBC and Diamonds in the Rough

Album #5 – 2008

Score: 7

This is a really good mix of some fantastic, shorter catchy songs. Includes some excellent covers and lesser known originals that deserve radio play for sure. Not a bad song in the mix and some that will stick in your head for days, this is a can’t-miss CD for any Ax7 fan. I also thoroughly enjoyed the live concert DVD that accompanied the CD. Their performance of “Second Heartbeat” thrilled me.

Best Song: The Fight

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