About the Metal Music Archive

We are here to bring you all that is Metal!  We will try to be as diverse and broad as possible.  We hope to share with you these things listed below.

  • Song Lyrics (What’d they say??)
  • Guitar Tabs (How the hell do you play that??)
  • Metal Band Bio’s (I didn’t know that!)
  • Tour Dates (They’re gonna be here when??)
  • Local Metal Bands from around the world (The World??) Yes, the world!
  • Metal Album Reviews (Don’t you agree?)
  • Metal News updates (For me?!)

About the Local aspect.  If you have a Local Metal Band or know a Local Metal Band that needs exposure, then e-mail us at bands@metalmusicarchive.com with a picture, a short bio, and an mp3 if you have one, and we will feature your band on our site.  We love to support your local scene and we love metal in general, so keep rocking and we’ll see you out there!

Also, if you have Guitar TabsLyrics, or Reviews you’d like to post, send it our way, and we will post it!  I repeat, we will post it.  On that note have a Metal good time!  Over and Out.