June 11, 2013

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Terrorizer (Los Angeles, California) Do you like Morbid Angel?  How about Napalm Death?  Well you’re in luck!  If you like those bands, then you already have this band’s albums.  Terrorizer came just before Morbid Angel, bringing you that balance of hardcore and death metal to give you what we call grindcore.  They weren’t the first to […]

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Pig Destroyer

March 28, 2013

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Pig Destroyer (Richmond, Virginia)               They’re not big on destroying pigs in the literal sense, although I’m sure they may eat bacon or the occasional ham sandwich, the name is actually derived from the term cop killer.  Which I’m sure they don’t do that either, but rather a political punch to […]

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Brutal Truth

August 16, 2012

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Brutal Truth (New York, New York)                   When you say the word heavy, you say it with meaning when speaking of Brutal Truth.  They give it to you raw and uncooked.  It may go down rough, but it’s a satisfying meal.  This band has been making crowds […]

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April 30, 2012

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Carcass (Liverpool, England)                  Being pioneers of grindcore, their first couple of albums were considered goregrind or splatter-death metal with the lyrics being morbid and gruesome instead of politically based like most grindcore/punk bands were.  They are one of the biggest influences when it comes to the heaviest of […]

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April 21, 2012

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Repulsion (Flint, Michigan)               These Michigan natives would become one of the biggest influential acts within the genre of grindcore.  Some say, they are the biggest grindcore influence.  With the dirty yet huge and distorted bass sound, crunchy low tuned guitars, drums that sound chaotic producing spastic blast beats […]

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Napalm Death

April 4, 2012

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Napalm Death (Birmingham, England)              Absolute Chaos.  That is what the mass of Napalm Death music is. Well structured, harnessed; politically infused fucking chaos.  They are considered to have given birth to the sub-genre of metal; Grindcore.  A baby born of hardcore punk and death metal.  A pissed off deformed baby […]

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