August 18, 2012

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Ministry (Chicago, Illinois)                 Before Nine Inch Nails there was someone else using electronics for metallic purposes, and Ministry perfected that art over many releases.  You’ll find their influence in many a place from their riffs to the usage of samples and electronic accompaniment, such as Fear Factory or Rammstein. […]

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Strapping Young Lad

July 17, 2012

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Strapping Young Lad (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)                  I don’t give a fuck!  That’s what Strapping Young Lad has to say.  Their way, is their way, and that wouldn’t change for nothing or no-one.  So heavy and in-your-face an anvil to the dome would feel like a pillow […]

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Fear Factory

April 10, 2012

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Fear Factory (Los Angelas, California)                        The sounds that Fear Factory create could easily be the sounds inside the head of a terminator.  Industrial electronic noises and samples a midst tight rhythmic guitars threading along side the pummeling machine gun like double bass.  They were one of the first, if not […]

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Type O’Negative

April 2, 2012

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Type O’Negative (Brooklyn, New York)                   Well, there wouldn’t be a Type O’ Negative without Mr. Peter Steele; frontman/bassist/main composer.  His biggest influences were Black Sabbath and The Beatles.  He formed the band in 1989 under the name “Repulsion,” but because of legal issues with a band of […]

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