I’m havin’ a DOOM good time!

August 12, 2012


I’ve been hearing some real good Doom lately and wanted to share such bands both old, and new.  So roll up a fatty or pack ‘er up, sit back and let this stuff rumble through your being.  Turn it up!

First up, we have Belzebong!  Just heard these guys today!  Their name itself is awesome, and then the bass crawls in nesting inside your cerebral.

Next, we have Elder.  Why haven’t I heard of this band before?!  Excellent stuff!

Let me throw you some classic crunch now in Electric Wizard.

Now, we have Ceremonium. These guys are veterans. They have a lot of Death Metal stuff intertwined as well, but their Doom side is great. Well, both sides are great but, anyway, just listen and love it.

And last but not least in my Doom list of today, is another band I just heard of named Samathrace. This is beautiful, sad fucking Doom. I love it!  Check it out and have a DOOM good day!

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  1. JAKE Says:

    Never heard these ceremonium guys. Nice.


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